Does laser hair removal hurt

Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt?

Laser hair removal is the best alternative for those tired of the hassle and pain of electrolysis hair removal or waxing. However, many hesitate to undergo the procedure, thinking it’s painful. So, does laser hair removal hurt? If so, how bad does laser hair removal hurt? This blog post seeks to answer such questions while comparing the pain levels of various hair removal procedures.

What is Laser Hair Removal?

Understanding the procedure is crucial before determining whether laser hair removal hurt and the level of pain to expect. Laser hair removal is a technique for eliminating unwanted hair using a concentrated light beam or laser. A laser emits the light beam that melanin or skin pigment absorbs during the procedure. Experts use equipment that converts light energy into heat, damaging hair follicles or tube-shaped sacs in the skin. That way, it prevents or delays hair growth.

When most people hear about the light beam and its conversion into heat, they often ask, do laser hair removal hurt? Moreover, several treatments are necessary during the initial stages. Also, maintaining treatment frequency is essential to inhibit hair growth longer. Although this hair removal technique is effective for individuals with dark hair and light skin, it works on all skin types.

Does Hair Removal Laser Hurt?

Compared to most hair removal methods, laser hair removal is hurtless. It effectively removes unwanted hair temporarily. Most people prefer it to remove hair from body areas that are challenging to shave or wax. However, achieving the full benefits of this technique involves some discomfort. Moreover, it’s sometimes painful depending on where the experts remove hair.

Skin thickness varies across the body. Areas with thicker skin may not hurt much. However, you’ll feel more pain when the laser bean runs over areas with thin skin. For instance, pain on the sideburns and chin is more manageable. However, you’ll experience more pain when the laser beam removes hair under your arms. So, does laser hair removal hurt on face? You’ll likely experience more intense sensations with thin skin on some parts of the face, such as the upper lip. The pain around the forehead and cheeks is usually mild.  

Your pain tolerance level will also influence your discomfort level. However, this procedure is worth the discomfort since it means skipping shaving for several weeks.  

Why Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt?

Most people consider laser hair removal hurtless compared to other methods. During the treatment, they feel like a bearable, slightly warm pinch on the skin. However, depending on body hair density, color, and treatment area, some feel varying levels of discomfort. Skin sensitivity and type are the primary factors influencing the discomfort level.

The pain or discomfort is due to the light emission, which forms the heat that kills the hair follicles and stops hair growth. The pain is mainly in the form of a stinging, burning sensation. Others feel like somebody is slapping a rubber band against their skin.

This sensation is higher for people with darker, coarser hair. Also, people experience more discomfort when the laser beam removes hair in places with multiple or thick strands since there are more follicles. Overall, people with light skin and dark hair experience more pain than those with darker skin and softer hair. Also, people with dark skin experience more pain since they require a different laser type.

Some people ask, does laser hair removal hurt less each time? The answer to this question is yes. Typically, the discomfort decreases as laser treatments continue. That’s because hair gets finer and thinner, meaning fewer strands per follicle. Most people experience intense discomfort during the first two sessions, regardless of the skin or hair type. However, this decreases over time.

Comparing Laser Hair Removal Pain to Other Methods

Many people often ask, does laser hair removal hurt more than waxing? Most people turn to laser hair removal after comparing the pain levels of various methods. Here’s how LHR pain level compares to other techniques.


Waxing is relatively more painful than laser hair removal. It involves applying cold or hot wax to the skin and letting it harden before pulling it off to remove hair. Since the wax pulls hair from its roots, waxing is relatively painful. It causes sensitivity and discomfort to most people. Nevertheless, the pain may decrease over time because repeat treatment makes hair weaker and thinner.

Electrolysis Hair Removal

Most people consider electrolysis hair removal more painful than laser hair removal. Experts in this technique insert electric current into the hair follicles using tiny needs. The electric current destroys the hair follicles. The pain level varies depending on the person’s pain threshold. Also, the area where the expert removes hair influences the pain level. Some individuals experience heat sensations, and others have a slight tingling. Some find the technique more uncomfortable.

Laser Hair Removal

Most people consider laser hair removal virtually painless. It targets and kills hair follicles using a concentrated light beam. It’s relatively less painful than other hair removal techniques. Most people describe their feelings as snapping a rubber band against the skin. Nevertheless, the sensation varies depending on the treatment area and the person’s pain threshold.

Laser hair removal is the most tolerable technique for most people. Moreover, its discomfort decreases as a person undergoes more treatments.

Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt Down There?

Does Brazilian laser hair removal hurt? That may be what you’re wondering. Brazilian laser hair removal entails removing unwanted hair from the intimate parts using a laser heat beam. Different methods for bikini laser hair removal remove less or more hair. However, this procedure usually removes all strands from the bikini front, bikini line, inner buttocks, and labia.

Since a Brazilian laser hair removal session lasts up to 20 minutes, it’s natural to ask, does a Brazilian laser hair removal hurt? Moreover, the bikini area is quite sensitive. While the procedure may be uncomfortable, it’s less painful than other methods. Some people say they like a mosquito sting.

So, Brazilian laser hair removal doesn’t hurt per se. However, it’s uncomfortable compared to other body parts. That’s because the pubic area is naturally sensitive. The discomfort can be more if the hair is coarser and thicker. Again, this depends on the individual’s pain tolerance level.

How to Make Laser Hair Removal Hurt Less

Making laser hair removal involves pre-procedure preparation and aftercare tips. For instance, discussing your concerns with the doctor before the appointment can help them address them. They can share instructions or tips to minimize your discomfort during the treatment. Here are more tips to help you make laser hair removal less painful.

· Stay hydrated: Drink sufficient water before the appointment. That way, you’ll plump up your skin, making hair removal easier. Aim for a gallon of water at least four to five hours before the appointment.

· Get adequate sleep: Getting sufficient sleep the night before the appointment can help with pain management during laser hair removal. Lacking enough sleep will affect the systems that control your body, such as pain receptors. It will also influence your mood. Therefore, get at least eight hours of quality sleep before the treatment.

· Use ice packs: You can numb the skin where the light beam removed hair and reduce pain by applying ice before and after the treatment. Wrap ice pack with a clean towel and apply it to the target area for 10 to 15 minutes before and after the procedure.

· Apply a numbing cream: You can reduce laser hair removal pain by applying a numbing cream to the skin before the appointment. Moreover, you can use a topical anesthetic to minimize pain in the treated area. Your practitioner can help you choose the most appropriate numbing cream to ease discomfort.

· Use pain relief medication: Pain relief medicines like acetaminophen and ibuprofen can help minimize the pain. You can take them before the appointment but consult with the practitioner.

· Wear sunscreen: Caring for your skin before the treatment is crucial. For instance, using a moisturizer regularly can help you prepare the target area for hair removal. However, ensure the moisturizer has an SPF of at least 30. Also, apply a sunscreen moisturizer or lotion on the appointment day.

· Pick a relaxed environment: It’s natural to feel anxious if it’s your first time undergoing laser hair removal. Choosing a comfortable environment will calm your pre-appointment jitters. Some people feel calm when listening to music, meditating, or reading books. Please do what calms you down to ensure you’re comfortable and relaxed during the appointment. That way, you can discuss your pain concerns with the doctor and get their assistance.

Besides these tips, speaking to the practitioner during the procedure is crucial. If you feel pain, let them know instead of tolerating it. They may adjust the laser equipment settings to make the procedure less painful. Nevertheless, following these tips can help reduce laser hair removal pain during and after the procedure.

Side Effects of Laser Hair Removal

This blog post has answered the question, dies laser hair removal hurt? It has also compared laser hair removal to other methods of removing unwanted hair. This section will now highlight the side effects of laser hair removal.

This hair removal technique is unsuitable for skin areas near open orifices. And this elaborates the answer to the question, does bikini laser hair removal hurt? Attempting to remove hair in areas near open orifices increases discomfort. So, even if you may use this technique to remove pubic hair, avoid the area around the genitals.

Also, laser hair removal is unsuitable for removing hair inside the ears and nose. Most people report side effects after using this technique to remove strands from such areas. Here are common adverse effects of laser hair removal:

· Irritation and redness: Damage to hair follicles by laser hair removal prompts the body to react. Hence, some people experience irritation and redness on the affected skin areas.

· Crusting: Some people experience skin crusting, which is a minor issue yet inconvenient. Sometimes, crusting leads to scarring or scabbing.

· Skin color changes: Color changes on the treated skin are in some people. It may get slightly lighter or darker after the treatment.

· Eye injury: Since laser hair removal involves powerful lasers, it risks eye injury. This risk is notably higher when the practitioner works on the face. Hence, wearing protective equipment is crucial.

· Skin infection: Damaging the hair follicles poses an infection risk. Therefore, people should treat the affected area as a wound during healing. Please report infection signs to a dermatologist immediately.

Other adverse effects of laser hair removal are rare. They include the following:

· Blisters

· Redness

· Scarring or hyperpigmentation

· Increased sunburn risk

· Swelling

Most adverse effects of laser hair removal are mild, and they happen after the treatment. Also, you can minimize them with numbing creams. Nevertheless, experts recommend using them only when necessary. Also, use the lowest dose possible.

Excessive numbing cream can have life-threatening effects. Therefore, talk to your practitioner about numbing creams, their risks, and benefits, especially when undergoing several treatments. Overall, these creams are safe when individuals use them in small areas and in tiny amounts.

Another way to minimize side effects is using a different laser type to remove unwanted hair. Some studies have found that alexandrite lasers are less painful even without numbing agents. Also, going to a licensed professional for laser hair removal is crucial.

Some people use at-home laser kits because they are less painful. However, they don’t guarantee their effectiveness and safety at removing hair.

Get Professional Laser Hair Removal

Since this blog post has addressed issues regarding laser hair removal pain, you’re no longer asking questions like, does laser hair removal Brazilian hurt? However, you want to ensure your laser hair removal safety, minimize discomfort, and avoid side effects. That’s where MYVY Beauty Lab comes in handy. We have highly skilled laser hair removal specialists ready for your appointment. Our therapists will address your concerns and tailor your treatment around your needs. They will help you achieve a beautiful, smooth, hair-free skin. Contact us to book a consultation today!  

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