Sylfirm X technology is the latest in a pulsed and continuous radiofrequency micro-needling system. It can help you treat various skin problems and diseases, regardless of the patient's age or gender.


Want to get rid of acne? Remove acne, age spots, or scars? Or maybe you need to remove mimic wrinkles and give your face a more toned, youthful, and healthy look? We have a solution that will help you get rid of these skin problems as quickly and painlessly as possible!

Sylfirm X technology is the latest in a pulsed and continuous radiofrequency micro-needling system. It can help you treat various skin problems and diseases, regardless of the patient's age or gender. This equipment and technology for exposure to the skin is FDA approved and is absolutely safe and highly effective.

Advantages of the Sylfirm X procedure:
  • Prompt treatment of skin diseases or elimination of deficiencies (the procedure is carried out from 20 to 45 minutes, depending on the volume of the patient's skin area treated by the apparatus).
  • Painless procedure (patients notice only a slight tingling sensation, depending on the mode of exposure to the device, you can use anesthetic ointments to reduce the patient's discomfort).
  • The ability to use Sylfirm X technology to treat various diseases (about 12 types of skin diseases).
  • No rehabilitation period (quick recovery, there are no restrictions after the procedure).
  • Quick and effective result after the first procedure. Depending on the complexity of the disease and each patient has selected an individual course of treatment. It is 3-4 sessions with an interval of four to six weeks.


The Sylfirm X system is a two-wave pulsed exposure of the patient's skin to a radiofrequency. Microneedles with a radio pulse penetrate the deep layers of the dermis without damaging the tissue. When penetrating with a microneedle, radiofrequency generates heat. It stimulates collagen production in the dermis's deep layers, which helps to rejuvenate the skin, reduce laxity, and renew skin cells. This method of exposure is completely safe, convenient, fast, and very effective. Therefore it is prevalent all over the world. Depending on the complexity of the disease, you can choose several modes of exposure to the skin, depending on the treatment goals. Before the procedure, the MYVY Beauty Lab clinic specialists conduct an examination and consultation of each patient and, based on the indications, select the necessary regimen for the treatment of skin diseases.

Thanks to the two-wave action of the Sylfirm X radiofrequency micro-needling system, you can quickly get rid of unnecessary scars, acne, or post-acne, reduce the appearance of pigmentation, and also give the skin a firmer and healthier look. The effect after the procedure persists for each patient individually but lasts for at least three months for each patient. After the procedure, MYVY Beauty Lab specialists complement the treatment with exosome technology using the ExoSCRT-based regenerative complex. ExoSCRT regeneration complex is a postoperative care protocol and product to ensure optimal results and faster recovery.


The system of pulsed and continuous radiofrequency micro-needling is used for:
  • skin rejuvenation
  • reduction/removal of mimic wrinkles
  • treatment of rosacea
  • acne treatment
  • removal of scars and post-acne
  • reduction of pores
  • treatment of skin redness
  • reduction of pigmentation
  • treating melasma and lesions
  • PIH treatment
  • elimination of skin laxity
  • improving blood circulation
  • improvement of skin tone and texture.
For more information about the procedure, you can contact the specialists of the MYVY Beauty Lab clinic in any way convenient for you. We will answer all your questions in detail and select an individual treatment based on your indications.

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