Endospheres Therapy

Endosphere therapy is a truly unique procedure that allows you to get the desired effect without resorting to invasive methods, drug treatment and large power loads

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Endospheres Therapy

Endospheres Therapy was developed by Italian engineer Gianluca Cavaletti and phlebologist Pierre Antonio Bacci for ten years. This technology was designed to treat venous diseases, remove spider veins, as well as to remove lactic acid from the muscles of athletes after heavy training. Today, Endospheres Therapy is also widely used in aesthetic cosmetology.

Endospheres Therapy helps normalize metabolism and is based on the alternation of vibrations and compression effects on tissues. Due to these alternating effects on the skin, there is an increase in blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, resulting in the removal of excess fluid and toxins from the body. Swelling disappears, the skin is smoother and tighter, and the contours of the body are thinner. Massage therapists at the MYVY Beauty Lab have extensive experience in treating cellulite. We will help you cope with this problem by restoring the beauty and firmness of your body’s skin with the “Endospheres” treatment.

The MYVY Beauty Lab medical spa offers Endospheres Therapy for both the body and the face. Massage therapists from the MYVY Beauty Lab use a large joystick to perform the Endospheres Therapy on the body, which is aimed at fighting cellulite. Endospheres Therapy for the face is carried out with a small joystick and helps smooth wrinkles, reduce swelling, as well as model facial contours and lift the skin. For more information, register for a consultation at the MYVY Beauty Lab.

Indications and contraindications for Endospheres Therapy

Endospheres Therapy is used to solve problems such as:
  • Excess body weight
  • Cellulite on problem areas (butt, hips, abdomen, legs, arms)
  • Poor circulation of venous blood
  • Reduced muscle tone or muscle spasms
  • Flabby or puffy skin
Endosphere therapy is contraindicated for:
  • Infectious diseases
  • Skin diseases – dermatitis, eczema, trophic ulcers, open wounds
  • The period of pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Oncology
  • Thrombophlebitis

Treatment of cellulite with “Endospheres”

The main cause of "dimples" on the skin is the malfunction of fatty tissue. Each person has a different cellulite stage. Genetics, lifestyle, ecology, and age play a big role in this process. Over time, the skin loses its elasticity, so cellulite may manifest itself more strongly. Endospheres Therapy is an excellent solution for fighting cellulite.

During the Endospheres procedure, the device’s sensors will adjust the vibration frequency and the angle of action under your skin, based on analyses of fibrous areas on your body. This allows you to fight the manifestation of cellulite at different stages and most effectively impact the body. Want to restore skin elasticity? Sign up for a consultation at the MYVY Beauty Lab and our massage therapists will make your skin beautiful and supple.

"Endospheres" is an athlete’s sidekick

Are you actively participating in sports? Endospheres Therapy will help you recover quickly and tone your muscles back up! Owing to its lymphatic drainage massage effects, Endospheres Therapy is indispensable after increased physical activity.

TOP-5 Endospheres applications:
  • lymphatic drainage massage
  • elimination of fat deposits
  • increasing muscle tone
  • improvement of vascular system performance
  • getting rid of pain after intensive training
The number of procedures is selected individually. For more information, make an appointment for a consultation with MYVY Beauty Lab specialists.

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