Cosmetic Surgery

Unlike cosmetology, surgery changes face or body problems dramatically

Cosmetic Surgery

To restore beauty and youth, cosmetology procedures are sometimes not enough. If you aren’t satisfied with individual features on your face or body, cosmetic surgery will correct all your imperfections. MYVY Beauty Lab employs the best specialists, so we guarantee you quality and long-term results.

Before changing your appearance, you should consult with your doctor. Experienced MYVY Beauty Lab plastic surgeon Ricardo Presas will tell you what you can do with your face or body to make it more perfect. Sign up for a consultation with our doctor at the MYVY Beauty Lab and make your body and face irresistible!

How to choose the right procedure?

If the problem brings discomfort and prevents you from living a normal life, we recommend you to consult with the plastic surgeon at the MYVY Beauty Lab medical spa. Our doctor will tell you how to eliminate imperfections, what to expect from the procedure, and how long it will take to recover.

During the consultation, the doctor will determine if there is a need for surgery. After that, an individual treatment and recovery program will be developed. At the MYVY Beauty Lab, all kinds of surgical interventions are performed by plastic surgeon Ricardo Presas. He will tell you how to return youth and beauty. Sign up for a consultation at the MYVY Beauty Lab and feel confident and attractive again.

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