MYVY Beauty Lab

MYVY Beauty Lab

MYVY Beauty Lab is an exclusive spa located in the USA, where you will find everything to become even younger and more beautiful. We are pleased to offer you to use such services as:
  • botox and filler injections
  • endospheric therapy
  • face and skin care
  • laser hair removal
  • cosmetic surgery
  • PRP hair restoration
To obtain the maximum effect of rejuvenation and eliminate imperfections, we recommend that you entrust the selection of drugs and procedures to specialists at MYVY Beauty Lab. Based on your testimony, our doctor Ricardo Presas will individually select a drug or prescribe a treatment that will have the maximum effect in the fight against imperfections. Make an appointment at MYVY Beauty Lab for more advice.

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MYVY Beauty Lab offers you a full range of services aimed at creating and maintaining your youth, beauty and health. Book your visit now and become more attractive!

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